The Art of Glitch

Glitches – normally a headache for most IT users. Whether it be a corrupt upload or a scratched game disc. However, there are a group of people who are embracing these glitches and instead are turning them into pieces of art. Glitch artists enjoy the aesthetics of technological mistakes and even intentionally cause glitches to produce art work.

Whilst providing an interesting cross curricular opportunity with art, glitch art is also an interesting way at studying how data is stored on a computer – especially image representation, with the example of renaming a jpeg to a text file and then editing its contents.

I think it is certainly something that may catch the attention of the more visual, creative students in your classrooms.

Glitch Artists:
Phillip Stearns
Scott Fitzgerald
Anton Marini
Daniel Temkin
Antonio Roberts and Jeff Donaldson
Gustavo Fajardo

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