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Exclusive: Computing GCSE News


Today I attended a computing qualifications meetup at Anglia Ruskin University that was attended by the three main exam boards; OCR, AQA and Edexcel. Please excuse any typos or mistakes – I have typed this up very quickly (and published it in the early hours) as I

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Hackasaurus – ‘Mash up websites’


Hackasaurus is an open source project from Mission:Mozilla. It is a suite of tools and curriculum that make it easy for anyone to learn webmaking through HTML and CSS. It is built around their X-Ray Goggle technology that allows you to ‘see behind’ web pages and look

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Facebook Launches ‘Groups for Schools’

fgfs feature

  Facebook has launched a new service called ‘Groups for Schools’. This allows teachers and students to collaborate together and share un-copyrighted files between each other. It plans to make it easier for students to share notes or for teachers to hand out files to their classes.

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