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Animation 12 Winners Announced


The winners of this year’s Animation 12 competition was announced this week and now the videos showcasing their efforts have been put online. This years overall winner winning the EA Hollywood Beckons Award were Harvey Rothman and Stephen Leadbetter from Llandrindod High School.   You can watch

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Apps for Good Deadline Looms


The Apps for Good deadline for becoming a school partner is fast approaching. If you wish to take part in this excellent programme, you need to have your application submitted by the 30th April. Head over to their website for more details Sources Apps for Good Website

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30th Anniversary of the ZX Spectrum

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 09.56.00

Google’s doodle today is advertising the fact that it is the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum. The ZX Spectrum was an 8 bit computer released by Sinclair in 1982 and earned Sir Clive Sinclair a knighthood. It was incredibly popular for programming (Sinclair Basic) and gaming.

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Google X: Project Glass


Earlier this month, Google released a video showing their idea of the future in Project Glass.  The video shows somebody waking up and, through a first person perspective, follows them throughout their day and shows the potential of the augmented technology. The video shows the user looking

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