Review: Super Scratch Programming Adventure

Super Scratch Programming Adventure is a new publication from No Starch Press.

It is written in a comic book style format and covers 9 projects of varying difficulty. All of the projects are centered around game making and include many references to popular books, films or events which will appeal to students. Each stage introduces another part of the story as students follow Mitch and Scratchy on their adventures.

The games themselves are some of the most impressive game projects I have seen in Scratch and will certainly inspire students to explore and create their own ideas. Not only do they introduce concepts which are easily applied to other projects, but they also encourage students to take a lot of care over the graphics in their projects. The finished games look very polished as well as being fun to play.

However, the code needed for these projects is certainly not the easiest and for a beginner starting Scratch, they may feel a little lost about what is going on and how everything is exactly working. With this in mind, I feel this book is better suited to students who already have had an introduction to Scratch and are now ready to see what the development environment is capable of.

After the story finishes, SSPA includes a nice introduction to joining the Scratch website and sharing projects as well as a nice section on using Scratch and Picoboards.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure feels fresh and unique and is a welcome addition to the collection of Scratch publications. I certainly recommend it, there isn’t another book like this out there and the projects on offer are some of the best and most polished Scratch games that I have seen. It is obvious that a lot of care and thought has gone into each stage, but the level of difficulty is just a little too high for real beginners. However, it is perfect for students who have a basic understanding of the Scratch environment.

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