Review: Play My Code

Play My Code is a website by Studio Fortress offering a browser based development environment to program games.

It uses its own unique language called Quby which is very similar to Ruby syntax.

There is good documentation available to get you started, but the forum is a little quiet with not much daily action.

Play My Code certainly has potential. However its main aim is to create an environment that is easy for people with little programming experience and I do not think Quby manages this. It would be very difficult for a beginner to sign up and get started.

The future does look bright though. The developers are still very active in the project and they are open to ideas. The next release is said to include touch support allowing for mobile game development – if this works well, it could be the spark needed to get Play My Code a community it needs.
I certainly would recommend taking a look at the site and what it has to offer. If they can get a community going it could take off. The promise of touch support is certainly exciting.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  1. I’ve just finished a project on reviewing games coding environments with students at Cowes Enterprise College. As part of this we had a small group of Y11s and then Y10s work through the PlayMyCode tutorial and evaluate. Went really well, students enjoyed it and colleagues are considering using it for their more able in the DiDA unit 5, not least because it makes a real game you can embed in your portfolio. Agree its not for everyone. If anyone wants a copy of some detailed support notes, please email me.

  2. Its too tough for me.

    Not enough tutorials explaining classes and methods. There’s too much expectation on beginners. Shame.

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