New Python MOOC Course

A new style of course, MOOC, is about to launch and Python is first up.

A group of online-learning ventures is collaborating on a new kind of free class to be offered this fall, known as a mechanical MOOC (for “massive open online course”), that will teach a computer-programming language by patching together existing resources from open-learning sites.

Their first course “A Gentle Introduction to Python,” will blend content from M.I.T.’s OpenCourseWare, instant-feedback exercises and quizzes from Codecademy, and study groups organized by OpenStudy, and will be coordinated through an e-mail list operated by Peer 2 Peer University.

Could be very useful for students who wish to get into programming. We will keep a keen eye on this course when it launches on October 15th 2012.

NY Times – Free Online Course Will Rely on Multiple Sites
The Mechanical MOOC Homepage

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