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Carl Turland

B.A. (Hons), CELTA, QTS
Founder and Administrator of Coding at School

I was employed as a systems programmer at Sky News and Sky Sports before moving into teaching. I initially taught and was director of studies for a school in Bogor, Indonesia before returning to the UK to obtain my QTS. I have taught in state schools in Surrey, but currently teach at an independent school (Hampton Court House) where I have enjoyed introducing Computer Science as a subject from year 5 to year 11.

Software Specialist: Scratch KS2 & KS3, Alice, Robomind, Kodu

Richard Russell

M.A. C.Eng. M.I.E.T.

I worked for the BBC for more than 30 years as a Research and Development engineer, during which time I was involved in several high-profile projects. I was the BBC’s principal technical expert in the selection of Acorn as the supplier of the BBC Microcomputer and in the specification of BBC BASIC. I have developed versions of BBC BASIC for a number of platforms including CP/M, MS-DOS and Windows, and have also implemented some extensions to the language to keep it relevant to today’s programming and educational needs.

Software Specialist: BBC BASIC

We are currently recruiting members to help maintain sections of the website. If you are interested and experienced in any of the following areas, please contact us:

Small Basic

AQA Computer Science GCSE
Edexcel Computing Science GCSE

  1. Please get in touch featuring YOUSRC?

    300+ teachers and 5000 students over the past year can’t be wrong!

    YOUSRC is a free learn-to-program resource for schools. Code runs in web browsers or – unchanged – on Android.


    Paul Clarke
    - CAS Member and YOUSRC Founder

  2. Hi! Would love you to feature my site I have created called CodeAvengers. Code Avengers is a FUN and EFFECTIVE free interactive online tutorial that will teach students web development. At present I have a basic Javascript course that runs in your browser. I have HTML lessons coming soon.

    Code Avengers is great resource for High School Computer Science classes. A teachers page provides real time feedback of student performance. With Code Avengers teachers know immediately when students need help.

    The Javascript course is targeted at year 11 students, but has been tried by year 8 and year 9 with reasonable success. The HTML course will be suitable for yr7 and up.

  3. Recommend you look at Gamestar Mechanic. Brilliant starter online game designer that captures everyone’s enthusiasm.


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