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Released in 2009 by Microsoft, Kodu is a visual programming environment that runs on Windows or XBox 360 (it doesn’t currently run on Mac OS).

It operates in a very nice looking 3D environment and has the added advantage of being able to use a controller to program and play games. It certainly is one of the more visually appealing programs and will certainly get students attention.

The downside is that it does not teach the basics of programming as well as Alice or Scratch. Whilst the concepts are all there, students are less likely to be able to apply the concepts learnt to other languages when they progress.

That does not mean it should be discounted entirely. It is still a great piece of learning software in it’s own right and would be perfect for an after school club or for lower ability students. Students with XBox 360s are also able to take home their games on a USB stick and play them at home.

Useful Links:
Kodu Game Lab
This is the more adult oriented website – good for educators

Planet Kodu
This is aimed at younger Kodu users

The Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies in the Classroom: Kodu excerpt
A report detailing the impact of using Kodu in the classroom

Interactive Classroom: Kodu Scheme of Work

A scheme of work produced by Nicki Maddams at interactive classroom. Vastly superior to the official curriculum from Kodu, Nicki supplies the teacher with an excellent scheme of work to introduce Kodu to your students. With lesson plans, presentations and self-assessment sheets available, it really is an invaluable resource for Kodu and definitely comes recommended by us.

The only downside is that there is currently not much support in place to help the teacher carry out the scheme of work if you are new to Kodu meaning you will likely spend some time trying to work out the tasks for yourself. However Nicki is always happy to offer support over at www.interactiveclassroom.net and replies promptly to any messages left.

With such little good quality resources available for Kodu, it is great to see Nicki so actively supporting its use in schools.

Game Design with Kodu Game Lab

A nice 5 week Kodu course that was run free online in 2010.

Kodu Official Curriculum

Keyboard and Mouse
XBox 360 Controller

Has not been updated for a long time and is not out of date if you are using the most recent Kodu software. The resources used in the curriculum are also near impossible to find on the Kodu website. Very disappointing.

Kodu Official Curriculum: Maths Module

Allows a crossover with maths and ICT. Works well with KS2 students.

KS1 Kodu Curriculum

The start of a new curriculum for KS1. mattgummylappin plans to incorporate Maths, English, Science, Geography and History into the lessons. There is only one lesson available at the moment, but it is certainly a primary school resource to keep an eye on.

Kodu Built in Tutorials

There is a built in tutorial within the Kodu software which is a good starting point for students, however they are not ordered correctly and after the first 5 they seem to become very random with very little help in how to use them.

Official Kodu Challenges

An unusual concept that doesn’t seem too popular with only 7 challenges available.

University of Victoria Modules

University of Victoria Kodu Module 1
University of Victoria Kodu Module 2
University of Victoria Kodu Module 3
A three module course produced by the University of Victoria.

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