Hackasaurus – ‘Mash up websites’

Hackasaurus is an open source project from Mission:Mozilla. It is a suite of tools and curriculum that make it easy for anyone to learn webmaking through HTML and CSS. It is built around their X-Ray Goggle technology that allows you to ‘see behind’ web pages and look at the HTML and CSS that makes them work.

The idea is for students to be able to visit any website and ‘remix’ them and share them with friends. ‘Hack jams’ are Hackasaurus equivalent of music jams but for coders. It gives groups of learners the chance to make something and have others riff off of their work. Beyond technical knowledge, Hackasaurus helps develop “hacker habits” — the combination of technical and social skills youth need to become active co-creators, shape their environments and take charge of their own learning.

With a number of resources available, Hackasaurus is an excellent way to introduce HTML and CSS to students without the fear of them getting lost trying to code HTML and CSS in notepad.

The Hacktivity Kit is a great starting place for teachers, supplying you with materials and ideas to get a Hack Jam started in your school. A unique approach to teaching HTML and CSS and a great resource from Mozilla to help younger students get involved in web development.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Hackasaurus: showing kids how the Web is not just to be consumed
Mozilla Wiki: Hackasaurus

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