Google X: Project Glass

Earlier this month, Google released a video showing their idea of the future in Project Glass.  The video shows somebody waking up and, through a first person perspective, follows them throughout their day and shows the potential of the augmented technology.

The video shows the user looking to the sky to get the latest weather report, using the glasses to help navigate around the city, taking photos and sharing them on Google+  and using the glasses for video calls with the ability for the person you are calling to see what you are seeing.  Pretty futuristic stuff… or is it?

Just a few days Google co-founder Sergey Brin was caught wearing a prototype of the glasses at an event (  It seems that the video may not just be a vision, but a real glimpse of what is just around the corner.

This is a product from Google’s X lab.  A ‘secret’ laboratory located in Google’s mountain view which invests in speculative research and development projects where their business cards are just a clean piece of metal with an ‘X’ engraved on them.  It all sounds a little like the bad guy from a James Bond movie, but the research that goes on there is supposedly quite ‘far-out’.  Rumours of research into fridges that order food themselves and space elevators that carry astronauts into space have been mentioned.  They also have invented a self drive car that was patented last year and has already completed over 200,000 miles of computer-led driving without incident.

Certainly something to share with your students.  Here are a few videos below:

Google’s Project Glass

Google’s Self Drive Car

Microsoft’s Productivity Vision 2011

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