Google Drive Released

Google have launched a new cloud service called Google Drive. Similar to Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox, Google Drive will allow you to store, access and share files online.

5GB of storage are offered for free, but users will be able to upgrade up to 16TB (for $799.99 a month!).

The service is available to both PC and Mac and as an app on Android and will also be available on the iPhone and iPad soon.

Google Drive could help schools and students share resources easily rather than trying to use the cumbersome Google Documents storage area.

A service comparison

Google Blog

Today, we’re introducing Google Drive—a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff. Whether you’re working with a friend on a joint research project, planning a wedding with your fiancé or tracking a budget with roommates, you can do it in Drive. You can upload and access all of your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and beyond.

Google Drive Homepage
Official Google Blog
BBC News: Google Drive to offer free storage in the cloud

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