GCSE WJEC CS Course Accredited for 2012

WJEC have gained accreditation for their new GCSE course and it is available from September 2012.

According to WJEC their specification offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the way computers work, and to create and review computer programs for real-life purposes based on their own interests. It encourages them to create their own games, applications and other systems, rather than simply use those designed by others.

The course is divided into three units:

1. Understanding Computer Science (45%) – 90 minute examination to assess understanding of the theory content of the specification.

2. Solving Problems Using Computers (30%) – 2 hour external assessment to assess the practical application of knowledge and understanding through a series of on-screen tasks.

3. Developing Computing Solutions (25%) – externally assessed and externally moderated 15 hour controlled assessment to develop a piece of work using programming software following a task brief issued by WJEC. There will be a choice of two task briefs.

We plan to add a WJEC category to our GCSE section at Coding at School in the near future.

Official Announcement
Course Specification
Specimen Assessment Materials

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