Electronic ‘LEGO’

Ayah Bdeir is an engineer and an artist. She has developed an open source system called littleBits of preassembled, modular circuits that snap together with magnets. It is similar in idea to LEGO, but with the emphasis on building electronic circuits.

On her talk on TED she explains how littleBits can open up a world of electronics to people who are not experts in the field.

Here is her talk:

Despite littleBits still being in the BETA stage, the website already contains a lot of useful information for educators. There is a teacher starter kit guide as well as a number of other ideas and lessons.

We want to encourage a world of creators, of inventors, of contributors. Because this world that we live in, this interactive world, is ours.”

As it is open source, there are also a number of projects available on the website showing you how to build them.

Starter kits are available for $89 (£56 at time of publishing). Certainly an idea worth keeping an eye on.

TED- Ayah Bdeir: Building Blocks that blink, beep and teach

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