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Code Race – Revise your HTML


Code Race is a website that pits you against other coders in a race to solve HTML and CSS problems. To be able to use it you need to already have a good understanding of HTML and CSS – it would be too difficult for beginners. However

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Raspberry Pi on CBBC

raspberry pi

CBBC recently made a short video introducing the Raspberry Pi. Worth showing to younger students if you plan to purchase them for your school (if you can get your hands on any!). Source: CBBC Video

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Inside Foxconn: How the iPad is made


An interesting video was uploaded to Youtube yesterday showing how the iPad in production in China. Certainly worth showing to your classes. Youtube Details: Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz is only the second reporter ever to gain access to visit the factory floor at Apple’s Chinese

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Facebook Launches ‘Groups for Schools’

fgfs feature

  Facebook has launched a new service called ‘Groups for Schools’. This allows teachers and students to collaborate together and share un-copyrighted files between each other. It plans to make it easier for students to share notes or for teachers to hand out files to their classes.

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Google X: Project Glass


Earlier this month, Google released a video showing their idea of the future in Project Glass.  The video shows somebody waking up and, through a first person perspective, follows them throughout their day and shows the potential of the augmented technology. The video shows the user looking

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Embed Spotify


I know when I have covered website design or blogging with my students, one part they seem to get a lot of satisfaction from is the ability to embed videos from YouTube. Now it is also possible to embed Spotify tracks with their new ‘play button’.  It’s

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How is computing taught in the rest of the world?

Students in a computer class in India

The Guardian recently published an article about how computing is taught in other areas of the world.  The good news is that the recent changes here in the UK has been noticed around the world with many countries watching us.  The recent government announcement, the Raspberry Pi

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AQA GCSE Computer Science now accredited


As expected, the new AQA GCSE Computer Science course has now been accredited. It is supported by Microsoft and designed around mobile, web and gaming technologies. You can find out more about the course on their Computer Science page.

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Creating Bone Chilling Video Game Monster Sounds

monster sounds

A really good video looking at the people who are employed to create the sound effects for video games has been posted over at Revision3 (a great internet television site for tech news and info). It is a good insight into a potential career that your students

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The difference between boys and girls


A study in the US looked at how girls and boys, who were taught using the same method, programmed. Interestingly there were a number of differences. Michael Kölling, a member of the CAS group, summarised these as: One relevant here: After teaching girls and boys the same

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