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Kuato: Play games and learn programming


Developers Kuato are currently working on a very interesting project to help teach kids how to program whilst playing a game. They have licensed the AI technology from SRI International – the company that designed SIRI for the iPhone. It looks like a very interesting project and

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YGD: Bradford Workshop Highlights


Young Game Designers have taken the best bits from the live stream of their workshop at the National Media Museum and put them online as a video tutorial. Watch their guest experts share their top tips on how to design or make a winning game. Bradford Workshop

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Guardian Seminar Round-Up


An excellent round-up of the recent Guardian seminar for Computer Science can be found here. It is written by William Lau who describes himself as: “Innovative teacher of Technology, ICT and Media. Believes in preparing students for life in the uncertain and exciting future.”

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Scratch and Python Course

Coding at School Logo

Coding at School is pleased to announce that we are running our first CPD course on the 9th and 11th July. It will cover both Scratch and Python and is aimed at teachers with little programming knowledge. Find out more about the course and book your tickets

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Electronic ‘LEGO’


Ayah Bdeir is an engineer and an artist. She has developed an open source system called littleBits of preassembled, modular circuits that snap together with magnets. It is similar in idea to LEGO, but with the emphasis on building electronic circuits. On her talk on TED she

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Google: The Story of Send


Google has launched a new site the details the journey an email takes once you click the ‘send’ button. Some of the videos and talks are a little complex, but it does show students what an amazing journey each email takes before reaching us. It is very

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Review: Play My Code


Play My Code is a website by Studio Fortress offering a browser based development environment to program games. It uses its own unique language called Quby which is very similar to Ruby syntax. There is good documentation available to get you started, but the forum is a

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IO: Changing The Game Cartoon

Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 13.45.46

IO (Interactive Opportunities) has released a cartoon overview of the IT journey in the UK with examples of people who are already making a difference. It offers a nice overview to how we have got to where we are now and who is leading the way across

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Learn 4 Life – Interviews (Apps for Good & Raspberry Pi)

Learn 4 life have conducted two interviews recently. One with Debbie Forster of Apps for Good and one with Pete Wood at the Open Hardware User Group about Raspberry Pi. Both very interesting and worth listening to. Debbie Forster of Apps for Good Pete Wood about the

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Hackasaurus – ‘Mash up websites’


Hackasaurus is an open source project from Mission:Mozilla. It is a suite of tools and curriculum that make it easy for anyone to learn webmaking through HTML and CSS. It is built around their X-Ray Goggle technology that allows you to ‘see behind’ web pages and look

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